Full Refund from MINT Credit Card following involvement from the FOS 13 Oct 2013

Another Asset Land investor has received a full refund from MINT after using her credit card as part of the payment.  It took involvement from the Financial Ombudsman Service but has led to a positive result for this investor.  Fantastic and sets a precedent for anyone else who has used a MINT credit card.

Persevere, even those who have had refusals and make sure all the evidence is sent to the company including the TSA’s ongoing investigation and planned court hearing.

More information on this MINT refund will be in the Credit Card Refund area once I have some evidence.




3 thoughts on “Full Refund from MINT Credit Card following involvement from the FOS 13 Oct 2013

  1. Peter Cottrell

    I’m a late arrival to this site and read with huge relief that members have managed to secure full refunds. My general question is this: having finally pulled my material together for Lutterworth in readiness to submit a claim, I find the original Barclaycard/Visa receipt is faded such that it is barely legible – even the date etc has gone. And, I don’t have my Visa statement from Nov 08 when I purchased the plot. I know I paid £2430 as deposit as I have a letter from Asset stating this and confirming the final payment some 2 weeks later. But can anyone suggest how I can prove this? Should I call Barclaycard and see if they have this record or will this simply prompt them to say it’s too late?

    Thanks for any advice.

    1. EDM Post author

      Your credit card company will be able to send you a statement to replace the faded one. Its not too late.

      Also, Barclaycard have already refunded some of our members so a precedent has been set for refunding Asset Land Scam investors who paid with a Barclaycard credit card – this is a great advantage for you.

  2. NIC

    Hello, I’ve had my section 75 claim rejected (MBNA CC) but was told to take up the claime with the FOS! Could you please put me in contact with the person who got a full refund from their MINT cc through the FOS. I’d like to make sure I make a good claim and would really apprciate some help. Thanks

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