Been Scammed?

1. First step for all victims of the Asset Land Inc, Asset Land Investments Plc or Asset Worldwide scam is to contact the Financial Conduct Authority (previously known as the Financial Services Authority – FSA)  to report your experiences and details.

Via online report form:

UK: 0800 111 6768 (freephone)

From abroad: +44 20 7066 1000

2. Citizens Advice has an agreement with Trading Standards to help you report a problem to them. To report to Trading Standards, you can contact the Citizens Advice consumer service and they will receive information relevant to Asset Land Inc, Asset Worldwide or Asset Investment Plc via this route.  Trading Standards Authority are investigating Asset Land an may take criminal action against them so it is important report your investment or involvement.

Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline :

0208 1850 710 (local) 08454 04 05 06 (6p/min)

Report to Trading Standards via CAB with the online form

Citizens Advice Website (England)

Citizens Advice Contact Page HERE

3. If you paid for your investment or part of you investment by credit card then you my be entitled to compensation under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act – contact you credit card provider to report the scam and the losses you have incurred.

4. Our current position, as advised by the FCA, is to wait out to hear what money is left in the Asset Land pot to compensate investors.  See the letter from the FCA here:

See the full judgement here:

5. The FCA have a page about Asset Land here:

6. Please look at the page on becoming a member if you are interested in  joining forces to recover your money

Also see: FSA – Operation Bexley


17 thoughts on “Been Scammed?

  1. Mr Kerlvin Preville

    My name is Mr K Preville and I invested GBP 10000.00 at the Newbury site, I have alerady informed FSA, but will also contact Action Fraud if it is not too late

  2. elspethdemontes Post author

    Hi Mr Preville,
    Sorry to hear you are also a victim but glad to hear you have contacted the FSA as that is the most important. Informing Action Fraud is more likely to be of benefit generally rather than to you specifically as the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau will use any further information for their investigation.

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  4. Geoff Wilson

    I was very concerned to learn of the Asset Land Scam and even more alarmed as there is a link with another company through which I have recently had dealings, Hanwood Holdings. They did not handle any of the funds (I hope that is a good sign), which were paid direct to Katherine of Alexandria Ltd.

  5. andy

    hi I have been following this site for a while now to see if I could pick up some info on how I can deal with my bank refusing to pay anything,can anyone tell me are business cards exempt from section 75 claims please??

    1. EDM Post author

      Yes they are exempt as it is classed as a Business – Business transaction and Section 75 does not apply.

  6. andy

    ok many thanks,I paid for plots with my business mastercard visa,I am self employed no employees just me.Is it fair to say I cannot claim anything?

  7. Lesley Warner

    I’ve tried to email Roberta twice re Newbury land but email bounces back saying quota full. Please could you provide me with an alternative contact for Roberta?
    Many thanks!

  8. Other Investor

    As long as you have contacted the FCA and left your details, you will be part of their long list of creditors who are now owed money by Asset Land Inc or Asset Land Investment Plc.

  9. Other Investor

    After Roberta received a refund from her Credit Card company, I think her interest in the group waned. Perhaps that is why she no longer answers her emails?? What are you looking for? (I may be able to help)

  10. Joe Coen israel

    ASSET MOVE FWD with a planning app in Newbury , Lutterworth , by the international clients .


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