Trading Standards Authority v Asset Land.

As you know Trading Standards Authority (led by Berkshire TSA) are in Southwark Court against Asset Land.

The case is ongoing, TSA has presented their case and now it’s the turn of Asset Land’s defence.

The case will continue well into November but I will update in due course.

TSA vs Asset Land – Court Case

The Trading Standards Authority (led by Berkshire TSA initially during the investigation stage) are due in Southwark Crown Court next month against Asset Land and it’s Directors as part of the long running efforts to refund victims and secure convictions for illegal activities.

We will see how this goes…

Full Refund from Lloyds TSB under Section 75. 14 May 15

Please see the message below from an Asset Land investor who has been given a full refund plus interest for his Asset Land plots:

chris S75. Full refund

Well done Chris and you are most welcome!

Update from FCA for Asset Land Investors. 25 Feb 15

I was in contact with FCA (via their online contact us form) and received the following update on 24 Feb 15

FCA email 24 Feb 15

The website linked to in the image about can be accessed here:

Another investor has kindly also emailed this update from today:

FCA update 25 Feb 15

Thanks to Patrick for forwarding that second update.

Another MBNA Success & Query Regarding Claims with Paul Tilley from Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke 26 Jan 15

I was informed of another MBNA Success using Section 75.  This time one investor had paid £1000 deposit on an MBNA Credit Card and paid the rest by BACS payment.   He had been unsuccessful using Section 75 and writing himself.   He decided to utilise  Mis-sold Specialists who are a company who charge a fee to fight your Section 75 claim and if they are successful, they will take a percentage (I think 25-30%) of your refund as a further payment.

In this case the investor says ” I was refunded the total investment amount plus 8 % on top of the investment in interest, less 29% for Mis-sold Specialists so I only lost a few grand in the end”

I am not supporting or promoting the use of Mis-sold Specialists but clearly this investor is happy that he has a refund and has accepted that Mis-sold Specialists have taken a 29% fee.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On a slightly separate note,

I believe that those who were contacting Paul Tilley from Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke were also trying to take action against Credit Card firms who were refusing to pay out on Section 75 claims against Asset Land investments.

Does anyone have any news regarding Paul Tilley from Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke and how your refunds are going?

Asset Land Investors targeted?

Anyone else received a call offering an investment in Antimony from Monfort Resources Ltd or Templar Invest?
I have received an email from two Asset Land Investors mentioning cold calls about this investment opportunity…. or

1. Their office address in London is a VIRTUAL OFFICE SPACE (see here)
2. Neither Monfort Resources nor Templar-Invest are registered (under these names) on Companies House.
3. The Company Registration No. for Templar-Invest is given as Company Registration No: 12097884 …this is also invalid when searching Companies House.
4. On Lord Razzall’s page on the Lords page at it does mention Montfort Resources Ltd as a directorship although on Companies House, Lord Edward Razzall does not have Montfort Resources Ltd listed as one of his active directorships.
5. Companies House does mention a directorship with Fse Law Rechtsanwalts-GmbH as mentioned below but this is called Belgrave Resources Limited not Montfort Resources.
6. The director for Belgrave Resources Ltd is Edward Timothy Razzall, Director ID: 918267680 different ID from the other Edward Razzall of Baron Brown Ltd.

Can someone clarify what this is about?



Montfort Templar